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Week #6: I just realized I didnít write a summary for last week. Life just keeps getting busier. I will try and make up for it this week with some juicy updates.

First of all, the 3v3 was a smashing success. Forrest, Ben and Camille walked away with top points. Ben was trying to think of the female usage of Ďstudí when trying to describe how good Camille was playing. Good to see siblings actually enjoying time together. Sam, Katherine and Bradyn won the second spot with some great team play. Other awards were handed out to Seanís team for Save of the Day, Reganís and Mayaís team for best cut and movement off the ball, and Jakeís team for teamwork. Pizza was inhaled, drinks were downed, and overall a great night.

A huge sigh of relief as we had enough for two games played for the 9 a.m. game. Field 2 was a great close game. Ethan was cracking me up with some gamesmanship at the end taking his time with goal kicks. I needed to prod him along a few times. I even started to pull my yellow card for one of those 7 yellow card offenses, delay of game. But he decided to quit stalling. Tyler and Jessica Liddiard showed up Saturday. I was excited to see them. Both appear to have not lost any skill as they played some great soccer.

Dallas told me he likes to play defense. So, of course, I placed him as a striker. I like getting you kids into different positions to see how you respond. I think he got two goals, against Braden no less. Nicely done. Another awesome play was Lisa taking the ball into the left corner, again as a striker, and cutting back against the grain, and playing a beautiful ball to Braxton. Easy finish for Braxton. Also, the emotion going through Garrettís body was fun to watch when he finally scored against his bro. The first two seconds was pure joy of scoring, then you could see it elevate in his posture when he realized it was against Braden, then he changed his countenance at about second number 4, feeling bad that his brother just got scored on. Fun to watch.

The second games werenít as balanced. Sorry about that. But partially, on Field 2, it was how the team set up. Instead of a balanced system of play, they set up as a 4-0-4. Yep, thatís right, 4 defenders and 4 strikers. I made some modifications in the second to even things out a bit. The highlight reel of this game has to be just Talon. Talon did some stuff the Brazilians would have been proud to see. His creativity with the ball had the red team in complete awe, and that was his team. Glad I got to see that.

To end the summary for week #6, I will comment on prepping for games. As we head to the hotter season, we need to make sure to hydrate. Be drinking water 1-2 days before games. Cramps are happening more frequently, and we had a bit of a scare with Garrett. I thought maybe he had heat exhaustion, as he went down at the end of game 2. He was cold and clammy. He was able to walk off on his own, but it is a stark reminder. Also, show up early, and sttttrrrrreeeetttttcccccchhhhh those muscles and joints.

Only two more games left!

Coach Dainger
AYSO Sandy Utah
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